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How to wear socks for Nendoroid Dolls and Obitsu 11

Welcome to our new how-to series for Nendoroid Doll and Obitsu 11, where we will provide guides and tips for everything you need to know to dress up your Nendoroid Doll or Obitsu 11.

The first of the series is a simple one but a question we get quite often. How to wear socks? Should I put them on before or after wearing pants?

Socks are essential for any Nendoroid Doll and Obitsu 11. First, they will help to make the shoes fit much better. Second, socks will instantly make your baby look much more elegant and classy (come on, who does not wear socks?)

Here is the step by step tutorial for wearing socks!

Step by Step Guide

1. It is much easier to wear socks first before any pants or short, so socks first!

2. Put the socks onto both feet, they should fit perfectly


3. Both feet are done with cute socks!

4. Now it is time for the bottom, wear your favourite pants, skirts, or shorts

5. Bottom is all done! Just wear shoes and your baby is ready to go out! 

Video Tutorial

Hope this tutorial helped you putting on cute and beautiful socks for your Nendoroid Doll and Obitsu 11 babies! Feel free to let us know in comment below if you have any other questions!
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