5 Easy Steps to make a Obitsuroid!

How is everyone doing?? Welcome to Moko's Boutique blog! This is my first blog post and I hope to write more in the future to share my experience in the anime fandom!
Since you find your way to this blog post, I can assume you would like to know who to make your own Obitsuroid! Are you ready to have a look? Let’s go!

What is Obitsu body?

 As you may have seen on Obitsu body is the body figure that you can use with certain figure’s head and transform them into human like figures. Obitsu body comes in a few different sizes, but the one that I am going to focus on today is Obitsu 11, which works best with Nendoroid heads. Having said that, even though Obitsu 11 body size is best fit for Nendoroid heads, there are some extra work we need to do before the head and the body can connect nicely together.

How to connect Nendoroid heads to Obitsu bodies?

"Oh you need to change the neck parts, unscrew, dissect the bodies, tape the neck..."
Haha I am sure you have heard that before from any Obitsu owners! I ensure you it might sound or seem very difficult at first but once you try the first time, it will just be a piece of cake after! :)


Tools that you will need:

  • Obitsu body (can be purchased from here)
  • Neck joint (can be purchased from here)
  • Eyeglasses screw drivers with the X and flat head
  • Masking tape
  • Small scissors

Step 1

Take off the screw

Step 2

Gently tilt from the neck and the two sides from the chest area until the front chest part comes out. (I find it best to start with the chest area. Even if you scratch the body a little it won't be as visible as on the neck.)

Step 3

Take out the old neck joint, and place chest back on body. (I would put the chest on without putting the arms or neck yet. It's easier than having a few things keep falling out of place! Then attach the arm and neck on.)

Quick Tip

One side of the joint is a little thicker. That side goes into the body, and the other side we will tape it for the head!

Step 4

Now use tape to wrap the neck joint to make it thicker. I usually use small pieces of tape to wrap it a few times. Repeat 2-3 times. Try with the nendoroid head. Until it's safely secure on the body. Trim off excess.

Step 5

Enjoy your new Obitsuroid! Be sure to give them some clothes and lots of love!!
Woohoo! You got it! Here is your very own obitsuroid! See that was easy right? 😉

Where to buy Obitsu bodies and extra accessories?

I have purchased a few of my Obitsu bodies and neck joint on Amazon.co.jp.
If you are traveling to Japan, there are shops in Akihabara and Nakano that sells Obitsu bodies as well.
  • Akihabara @ Radio Kaikan (I believe was on 7th floor or 8th...)
  • Nakano @ Broadway (3rd floor near the end of the mall)
For extra hand parts I would totally recommend them, because they are very affordable and add extra touches to your dolls. I found these are Nakano for ¥540 comes in a pack wth 4 sets of hands.
Now you are all set! Congratulations on giving your kids, partner, buddy whoever your nendoroid may be to you a body!
I hope you will enjoy your Obitsuroid as much as I do!
Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! I will do my best to answer them!
Have a good one guys! If you have anything your want me to write about, don’t hesitate to comment below or DM me on IG @mokomate !
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